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Casa Babi : General Info

Check in at 2 pm – Check out at 10.30 am
Please leave your keys at the reception when checking out.
Late check out can be arranged depending on occupancy.


WIFI  - Be patient… the line can be slow. Please do not try to download big files (movies) as this slows the line down.


Tips - If you wish to leave a tip to the staff, please do not leave money in the bedroom. Rathergive the money to us. We distribute all the tips at the end of the month, according to your instructions. This way, even the people you haven't seen but have contributed to your stay have a chance to receive somtehing.


Valuables and Safe
Each room has a safe that works with your own combination of numbers.
Reset the code by pressing the button behind the door while it’s open. You’ll hear a beep. Input a code from 3 to 8 digits. Press E to confirm. Lock turning the knob counter clockwise.
To open the safe, input your code, then press E. Turn the knob clockwise within 5 seconds and pull out to open.
In case you lock it by mistake or forget your code, ask us for the key!


Dogs – they love following our guests on the beach. Ask us to call them back if you don’t like it or are heading to a restaurant. 

Power, power cuts and water

You’ll find European and South African sockets in the rooms (above the desk and under the sides of the head board). We also have adaptors if needed.

In case of a power cut, we will switch on a generator.

Please do not use hair dryers and the kettle when the generator is on.


Hot water comes from solar geysers.

Sometimes it is a bit slow to come and is usually warmer in the afternoon.

Please let us know if you notice any problem or if the water is not warm enough. We will do our best to deal with the issue.

Please keep showers short in order to save water and hot water for the others.


The bottle of water provided in the bedroom is filled with tap water. Our water comes from our own well and is analysed every 2 months. Perfectly drinkable. By drinking it you’ll help us not using/buying so many plastic bottles and reduce waste and pollution.

Should you need a small bottle of water to go around or wish cool water througout the day, our isotherm bottles are available for you.
If you prefer sparkling water we will be happy to prepare sparkling water for you with our Sodastream machine.

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