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Useful tips for your trip

  • We have 5 dogs and 2 cats: they are very well educated and friendly and shouldn’t bother you, but they are 5 and 2!

  • Our restaurant is opened to our guests only. We offer a different 3 courses meal every day and ask you to tell us before 2pm if you would like to stay for dinner. Dinner is served at 7pm in winter and 7.30 pm in summer.

  • Visa: You should be able to get your visa on arrival. Take small notes, migration officials tend not to have change... Please check with your airline if they will accept you onboard without a visa. Should you rather get your visa before departure, just send us your full names and passport numbers, we will send you back an invitation letter.

  • Yellow Fever vaccination: If you come from a country or are transiting via one that has a yellow fever risk (Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya), you HAVE TO have a Yellow Fever certificate. You can also do it at the border on arrival but it is expensive (50US$).

  • Anti-Malaria treatment: Unfortunately Mozambique is still a Malaria area.Casa Babi is by the sea and the breeze chases the mosquitoes away. Moreover, very good mosquito nets protect the beds.  Nevertheless, if you do not think you will be precise enough to cover yourself in mosquito repellent at dawn, check with your GP what he thinks about malaria treatments.

  • Driving: The EN1, the main Mozambican road that links all the country, is very good. If you stay on the main roads, you will not need a 4x4. Please keep in mind that traffic police is present everywhere and loves giving fines for over-speeding. Respect the limits (80km/h and 60km/h when you enter and cross a town) and you should not be annoyed. Do not drive at night.

  • Money: You will be able to use US$, ZAR and € almost everywhere, but sometimes at a ridiculous exchange rate. ATMs to withdraw local currency (the metical) are available almost everywhere and banks change foreign currencies easily, upon presentation of a passport. In Vilanculos, you will find 4 ATMS that take Visa and MasterCard.

  • Shopping of specific items: Take with you sun lotion, after sun, contact lenses and cleaning products, specific medicines you might need, etc.

  • Clothes: From June to September take with you a windbreaker and a jumper. Evenings can be chilly.

  • Community help: if you have spare space in your suitcases and wish to help the local community please note that we support two projects:

    • An association who helps the albino population in Vilanculos and will take any sunscreen factor 50 or hats and long sleeve T-Shirts you will leave us.

    • An association who helps kids who cannot go to school and will take pens, note books, paint, pastels, colour books, etc.

  • If flying in DO NOT try to bring in from other countries FRESH FOOD (fruit & vegs), SAND, HORNS, WOOD., whatever could look like an archeological piece (unless you have a proper certificate). The customs officials are very difficult with this and will hold you in until you pay.

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