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Vilanculos - Do's & Dont's

Vilanculos is a large town, very spread out. Distances can be long to walk. Ask us for directions and an idea of the distances before you start walking in the heat!


Town is safe. However, basic precautions will ensure a happier stay.

Leave your valuables in the safe (you don’t need your passport in town). If going out at night (especially during week-ends), ask us to call a taxi or a tuk-tuk (tchopela).


In town and at the market:

  • Bargaining is not customary in the market. You will usually be given the right price and people will refuse to discuss it. To avoid useless discussions, ask us for a price range on some items before you go.

  • Dress properly. Mozambicans consider it a sign of respect to be well dressed in front of others. It is NOT OK to wear very short skirts or shorts or to walk barefoot in the streets. Also, going barefoot is considered a lack of respect.

  • Do not distribute money, pens, sweets, clothes in the street. If you want to help, rather buy products in the market or cakes from the kids or ask us whom you can donate to.

  • Ask before you take pictures. Most of the time the women and kids will be very happy to pose for you.

  • Do not let the kids who will call you “my friend” spoil your experience. Chase them away.


On the beach:

Topless sun bathing by foreigners is not well accepted.

Kids and fishermen will be happy to pose for your cameras if you ask permission and show them the pictures. Do not pay money but trade… buy a fish!


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